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Quick Diary




Eureka – we found the chapel and our Building Design Consultant!

The Old Chapel


Purchase completed


Drawing up plans

Groundfloor Plan





Planning application being considered …


… and finally granted


Obtaining estimates


Work finally starts


The borehole is sunk

Sinking the borehole


The drains are dug, some new foundations created …

The drainsMain drains and garage foundations


… a whole lot of new holes appear in the walls

East wall


Back 'door'West wall 'window'


… and the new upper floor goes into the chapel

Chapel upper floor viewed from below





The 'calm' before

Nick Salt in the mudNick Salt traverses our Dernol 'battlefield' – this, we have recently learned, was called by the ancients, "The Field of Blood"…


the 'storm' (most of the valley underwater), followed by the 'Moment of Truth'

The driveway… but the driveway goes down anyway


We put Plan 'B' in hand … and the first first of many scheduled moving-in dates passes without incident …

Cottage upper floorWell, let's be honest, the master bedroom and en suite facilities are not looking too good yet, are they?


Chapel upper floor… and you'd have to say that, at this stage, the Chapel first floor 'studio' needs more work?


The second moving-in date passes

James with Austin Lewis… but the client and main contractor are still friends


The garage seen from next door… and the garage is taking shape – is this the best decision we made?


Underfloor heating goes into the ground floor and radiators on the upper floor … just don't ask about moving-in dates, though, OK!

Underfloor heating (ground floor)Mike Jerman installing the heating system on the upper floor


Swallows are already nesting in the new garage … and we have more or less all our windows. Everyone is working flat out to complete the installation of the electrics and plumbing …

New windows on the west sideNew north window


Chapel main doorway… but there still seems to be a lot to do, doesn't there? And that's only before you know we still have no main staircase yet!


Inside the dry-lining and insulation are complete, even some of the plastering is underway and the floor tiles have been laid in the cottage

Upper floor studioFloor tiles


Outside the new bargeboards and 'conservatory' are in place

The new bargeboad goes upThe nice gentleman in the hard hat is the local Health & Safety inspector here to see fair play


Now all the glazing is in and the oil tank is not only in place, but also filled; the outside lighting is up and we even have some fencing and a garden gate. The water is pumping to clean the system and the phone lines are promised, but the television satellite dish (we receive no analogue signal here) may take a little longer …

View  from the upper floor towards the south-east


Don't look now, but the mega-move has taken place and we seem to be finally in!

The kitchen windowThe conservatoryThe kitchen sink (left) and the 'conservatory' (right) … and yes, that bucket is there to catch a leak!


Apart from settling in, we are sealing the new woodwork and realising we need to move swiftly onto 'Phase 2' – the lime mortar pointing of especially the west wall, which turns out to resemble a gruyère cheese on a bad day and lets in the wind accordingly


Give us a break, OK!


Don't ask!


Suddenly it is winter – and rather special, too

Looking through one of the north windowsDawn looking towards the south-east





The big slates for the chapel ground floor finally arrive from China (would you believe?) and lime mortar pointing begins – on the west side.

The chimney stack (left) and the kitchen window (right) are shown here during the work

Cottage (west side) being pointedChris James pointing around the kitchen window  on the west side


… and afterwards

Cottage (west side) after pointingThe kitchen window after pointing


It is Spring … and the primroses appear miraculously (Luckily this happens even if you don't have to time to do anything about it.)



The porch roof gets tidied up, the south side gets pointed and we take advantage of the scaffolding to paint all the woodwork on that side (except the main door)

The south side after pointing and painting


Edward Wozencroft (left), who farms the land across the Dernol stream, Craig Price (right), who is 12 years old in this picture and remembers attending at the age of about 2 or 3 what was perhaps the last service at the chapel before it closed, and one of Edward's sheepdogs

Edward, Craig and Edward's dog


Pointing the east side


Pointing the north side

Once again we used the scaffolding to paint the woodwork and also do some pruning of the trees which were threatening to eclipse the chapel

Pruning the trees


This vantage point also gave us some new views: looking (left to right) south-east, south …

Looking south-eastlooking south


… and south-west

looking east


Winter again!

The family in the snow

Luckily some people never grow up …